ESTISURF M39 - emulsifier for microemulsions

ESTISURF M39 – a versatile emulsifier for production of microemulsions of d-limonene and other hydrocarbon solvents.

D-limonene, white spirit  and dearomatised hydrocarbon solvents are used for heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing in the industry and the transport sector.

Many cleaning agents are microemulsions of such solvents providing excellent cleaning of oil & greasy surfaces.

What does a microemulsion look like?

►    It is transparent as water
►    It is miscible with water – it turns semi-transparent by extensive dilution with water
►    It is stable within a certain temperature window
►    The concentrate can easily be diluted with water by the customer

Microemulsion concentrate with ESTISURF M39

Esti Chem is offering a simple and effective concept for development and production of microemulsions:

►    ESTISURF M39 is the base-emulsifier
►    A standard, nonionic co-surfactant is added to fit the polarity of the solvent used in the microemulsion

Guideline formulations for cleaner concentrates:

For TDS, MSDS or samples - please use the link below: