Stronger environmental pressure and increased health & safety regulations in the workplace require new types of cleaners. Esti Chem offers a selection of ready-for-use products as a complement to the formulation raw materials found in the ESTISOL, ESTISURF, and other product groups.

ESTICLEAN products are generally applied for cleaning of work pieces and production equipment. The products can be applied in dip tanks, industrial washers, spray booths and also in manual cleaning processes utilising a cloth and brush. ESTICLEAN industrial cleaners offer excellent alternatives to aromatic hydrocarbon solvents and other problematic solvents, specially for the removal of oil, grease and asphalt from metal surfaces.

ESTICLEAN AR-PLUS MB is an optimized blend of natural esters, polar solvents and wetting agents with zero VOC content, particularly formulated for the asphalt/bitumen industries. It is safe to use on painted surface as well as on rubber and plastic parts.



Esticlean AR-PLUS MB

 W/O Microemulsion  Surface cleaning • Dissolves bitumen
• Easily flused away with water

Esticlean AS-VEG

Non-aqueous cleaner Asphalt cleaning and release agent • Release effect
• Asphalt cleaning

Esticlean 159

 Ester solvent + Emulsifier Industrial cleaning agent • Solvent for cleaning of polystyrene resins