ESTISURF M29 - CLP label-free emulsifier for aliphatic hydrocarbons

Do you want a blue-white emulsion with almost no foam after shaking?
Then you should try ESTISURF M29!

ESTISURF M29 is a highly efficient nonionic emulsifier for production of emulsions with high stability. 

ESTISURF M29 is especially suitable for emulsifying de-aromatized hydrocarbon solvents such as D60, D80 and D100.

ESTISURF M29 is miscible with all aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids without the use of any co-solvents

The emulsions have a low viscosity and show good water-washability

Main applications are:

    ►    Cleaning agents for offset inks

    ►    Metal degreasers

    ►    Polishes

    ►    Testing fluids