The LEISURE – DIY markets cover a wide variety of application areas for ESTI CHEM environment friendly performance chemicals, such as ESTISOL ester solvents and ESTISURF surfactants used for cleaning and degreasing of outdoor equipment, furniture, machinery, sheds, vehicles and boats.

A specialty series of ESTISURF microemulsion concentrates for easy formulation of high performance cleaners are available for the formulator, who can pick between a number of products dependable of the specific or general cleaning job. 
Contact a formulation chemist for further advice.

Selected APPLICATION AREAS and ESTI CHEM products for use in LEISURE – DIY markets:


►    Hard surface cleaning:
►    Wood and furniture cleaning:


►   Solvent-based Degreasing:
►  Emulsifier for stable emulsions


►  ECO-Label degreasers
Optimized surfactant packages


►  Bitumen removal:
 ► Removal of asphalt spots


►    Sot and particle removal:
Optimized surfactant packages 


►    Rust and stain removal:
Rust removal - acidic cleaners
► Stain removers