AEROSOLS cover the application areas of ESTI CHEM products in aerosols for industrial and DYI use. ESTISOLs are used as environmentally friendly alternatives to paraffinic and aromatic solvents, orange terpenes and low-flash solvents such as ketones. ESTILUBE esters are applied in rust-release agents, corrosion protection agents and lubricants.

ESTISURF surfactants work as cleaning surfactants in degreasers, as corrosion protection agents and as as wetting agents. ESTISURF MF10, a microemulsion concentrate, can easily be formulated to water-based cleaners and degreasers with excellent solvency power on asphalt, bitumen, oil and grease. It is very efficient as a ready-to-use hard surface cleaner with low alkalinity for industrial and
kitchen applications.

Suggested APPLICATION AREAS and ESTI CHEM products for use in AEROSOLS

►    Penetration oils:

ESTISOL 140, ESTISOL 240, ESTISOL 242 and ESTISOL 312 as saturated solvents and penetration agents.

►    Lubricants:

ESTILUBE L210 , ESTILUBE L300, ESTILUBE L290, ESTILUBE P688, ESTILUBE PTO, ESTILUBE P1600N as film formers and lubricating additives in lubricants such as chain lubricants

►    Welding spray:

ESTISOL 295, ESTISOL 300, ESTISOL 390  as oily component in welding sprays 

►    Metal working lubricants:
ESTILUBE L210,  ESTILUBE L300, ESTILUBE L400 as oxidation stable film formers and lube additives in lubricants for metal cutting and in minimal-lubrication formulations

►    Release agents:
ESTILUBE L300, ESTILUBE L360, ESTILUBE L400, ESTILUBE P1600N as film formers and release additives in release agents for the polymer industry

►    Cleaners:

ESTISOL 140, ESTISOL 165 and ESTISOL 242 as solvent boosters and penetration aids in water-free cleaners and degreasers. ESTISURF MF10 as base-component in water-based degreasers with excellent solvency power on asphalt, bitumen, oil and grease. ESTISURF MF2-EC1 is applied in eco-label products