Mission & Vision

Esti Chem was founded in 1988 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the company has been developing over the years to be an important supplier of ester-based technologies used in formulated chemical products.   


Our mision is:

  • Esti Chem delivers chemical products and services for industrial applications

  • Our products improve the work safety and external enviroment for our customers

Our vision is:

  • Esti Chem wants to be among the leading European suppliers of safe alternatives to hazardous chemicals in the target market segments in 2020

  • Esti Chem wants to be recognized for developing new products and technologies in cooperation with the costumers. Key features are improvement of work safety and reduction of environmental impact.

  • Esti Chem wants to establish close relations with our suppliers to assure availability of raw materials and services.

  • Esti Chem wants to be an attractive workplace with focus on team work, communication and development of employee competencies.

  • Esti Chem will focus on our 0-accident policy and improvement of the work safety by proactive measures